What is a trademark ?

A trademark allows companies and individuals to identify and enhance their products/services, distinguishing them from those of competitors and protecting them from counterfeits. A trademark has a potentially unlimited duration, but limited territorial effectiveness: in the case of national trademarks, their effect applies only to Italy.


What is a European Union trademark? or an international trademark?

A European Union trademark is a monopoly right that, through a single deposit, affords protection throughout all 28 Members States. On the basis of a national or European trademark registration, it is also possible, with a single procedure administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), to register the same trademark in the other 116 countries belonging to the so called Madrid System.


What sort of protection does it offer?

A trademark allows its owner to stand out and defend its business against imitators for 10 years starting from the first deposit.Upon expiry of each ten years period, the protection is renewable for other ten years periods without any limitation.


And what about GEb-ip?

GEb-ip performs for you: searches, surveys, deposits and extensions all over the world of national (UIBM), European (EUIPO) and international (WIPO) trademarks. We assist our clients in the creation and management of  distinctive signs, and provide them with professional support and advice  throughout claims in cases of counterfeiting.